#3 “Marino and I”: Meet Laura – Our Wonderful Personnel Manager

“Marino and I” is not just a title but also stories about successful collaborations and the challenges faced by Marino’s employees. Today, we met with Laura, who has been working as a personnel manager at “Marino Projects” for almost a year.

Introducing Personnel Manager Laura

Professional Experience
Laura has been working as our company’s personnel manager for almost a year. Her job is highly responsible and requires constant communication with various specialists working both in Lithuania and abroad. In her professional activities, Laura faces challenges such as communication difficulties with employees and the lack of usage of electronic signatures by employees. However, she also observes positive changes – more and more people are adopting electronic signature technology, which significantly facilitates the remote management of documents.

Work Principles
Laura emphasizes that the most important aspects are that employees meet the requirements, are honest, and are easily reachable. She handles complex situations calmly, seeking assistance from colleagues when necessary. Laura values collaboration with other departments very positively, and her experience in customer service helps her communicate effectively with people on various issues.

Personal Experiences and Hobbies
Despite the challenges at work, Laura knows how to laugh at unexpected situations and enjoys friendly relationships with her colleagues. In her free time, she relaxes by exercising, and her favorite book, “Where the Crawdads Sing,” reflects her love for deep and meaningful stories.

Laura’s Comment and Wishes for Candidates
Laura encourages candidates to always be open and honest. She wishes them to be brave and confident, to face challenges without fear, and to continuously strive for improvement. Laura believes that friendly communication and sincere relationships help achieve the best results both at work and in life.

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