Type of work

  • Pipeline insulation
  • A stable job in shipbuilding;
  • The client is a foreign company;
  • Placement abroad;
  • Working via a Lithuanian company.


  • Work experience in various pipe, ventilation, vessel, cooling equipment, plant, reservoir, refrigerator, etc. insulation and tinning.
  • Tinning-insulation work experience;
  • Independent work;
  • Diligence;
  • English language skills (at least basic conversation);
  • Determination to work and earn a living;
  • Diligent fulfilment of assignments;
  • Experience.
  • Being able to drive to the location with own car would be an advantage;
  • Departure every weekend.

We offer

  • If you’re looking for a secure employment, which meets your qualifications and offers a decent salary, then we offer you new opportunities. A stable salary, care, assistance and support for our employees are our priority.
  • We’re looking for experienced insulation installers for shipbuilding in Germany, the Netherlands and other EU countries.
  • A stable job;
  • A negotiated salary paid on time;
  • All means and conditions for deployment;
  • A flexible deployment schedule: 2 months of work, 2-3 weeks of vacation in Lithuania.


  • 3100-3900 €/month (after taxes)