Type of work

  • We offer a position for a German-speaking worker in a team, deployed in Germany;
  • Deployment in Germany via a Lithuanian company;
  • Communication, translations to/from German language;
  • Ancillary works at the site.


  • Independence;
  • Diligent fulfilment of assignments;
  • Determination to work and earn a living;
  • Responsibility and a serious attitude to work.

We offer

  • We’re looking for ancillary workers for deployment all over Europe. If you’re looking for a secure employment, which meets your qualifications and offers a decent salary, then we offer you new opportunities. A stable salary, care, assistance and support for our employees are our priority;
  • Our employment offers are open the entire December;
  • All means and conditions for deployment;
  • A flexible deployment schedule;
  • A stable salary;
  • An opportunity to discover yourself and realise your ideas at our company;
  • A stable job.


  • 3100-3900 €/month (after taxes).