About Us

The excellent results of the Klaipėda-based company have already earned it a leading position in the international shipbuilding and construction market. Let's take a closer look!

Marino Projects LTD boasts an expansive operational footprint, having successfully executed projects across diverse global locations, including Europe, the America, India, and the United Arab Emirates. The company’s remarkable growth is attributed to a robust business philosophy rooted in extensive personal experience within the maritime shipbuilding and human resource management sectors.

Our accomplished team at Marino Projects is characterized by highly qualified and seasoned professionals capable of proficiently executing a wide range of services. This includes expertise in piping and equipment installation, insulation and tinning works, as well as offering a comprehensive suite of ship interior fitting, finishing, and furniture assembly services. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every facet of our operations, ensuring the successful delivery of projects that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Marino Projects stands as a Lithuanian capital company, distinguished by a legacy of over 700 successfully executed projects spanning numerous seaports across Europe and globally. Our esteemed company boasts a dedicated team of over 1000 highly skilled staff members.

We take pride in our position as a leading entity, ranked at the forefront of businesses operating in Western Lithuania. Within a remarkably brief period, Marino Projects has established itself as a prominent international player with divisions not only in neighboring European countries but also extending its reach into Scandinavia, Germany, Bulgaria, Latvia and Poland.

Marino Projects maintains a primary focus on ship finishing works, adhering to precise and stringent management controls. The execution of ship finishing, installation, and construction projects by our seasoned experts consistently meets stringent timelines and adheres to the highest quality standards. The expertise of our specialists is highly regarded, evidenced by numerous commendations from contracting companies operating across various European ports.

In the fiercely competitive international market, our professional, highly-qualified, and responsible workforce stands as an invaluable asset. Strategic investments in our maritime sector employees empower us to address the most exacting requirements of our clients, encompassing yacht and mega yacht projects, cruise ship interior finishing works, and a spectrum of shipbuilding and finishing endeavors. The technical staff at Marino Projects is widely recognized as among the best in the market, distinguished by productivity, discipline, and reliability.

We firmly believe that exemplary results are rooted in the ethos of responsible and coordinated teamwork in achieving predefined objectives. Recognized for our Scandinavian management style, Marino Projects is esteemed by clients for delivering high-quality services at competitive market prices.

Potential employees perceive Marino Projects as a modern, transparent, and open organization, offering outstanding career prospects and a commitment to continuous professional development. At the core of Marino Projects’ business lies a mission dedicated to executing complex and qualified construction works in maritime, industrial, and civil engineering sectors, aligning seamlessly with the exacting demands of our discerning clientele.