Galina Stropienė: ‘Hardworking Attitude Has No Borders – We’re Working All Over the World’

Marino Projects LTD entered the maritime business sector eight years ago, swiftly establishing itself as a prominent player in the international shipbuilding and finishing market. Project Manager, Galina Stropienė, provides insights into the challenges encountered, the company’s notable achievements, and future aspirations.

The stellar performance of the company within this relatively short timeframe has catapulted it to a leading position in the global shipbuilding and finishing market. In an interview, Galina Stropienė reflects on the challenges faced, outlines the company’s significant accomplishments, and delineates strategic plans for the future.

Challenges make you strong

Galina Stropienė has been advancing her career with Marino Projects LTD for five years. Commencing as a Project Manager, Galina was drawn to the company by the expansive opportunities to spearhead new, large, and ambitious projects. While reflecting on her experience, she notes that she has previously undertaken similar roles at other companies. However, the distinctiveness, specialization, and breadth of projects at Marino Projects surpass those of her prior professional engagements.”

The start wasn’t easy: I had to learn a lot and, in essence, find a new path. The marine sector is not easy and the people working here are very strong. But, eventually, I made it. These new challenges make you stronger. I’m happy about the new experience and I keep growing and improving further.’

However, Galina points out that the greatest challenge is the highly-dynamic working environment and demanding clients with new projects, dropping as if out of nowhere. ‘Our quality standards are rather high. We’re often contacted by clients that have already been disappointed or lost hopes of finding help fast. These projects need to be completed fast and without reproach. Sometimes we have only twenty-four hours to form a team of experts and dispatch them to the project. Sometimes our workdays are really ‘hot’. However, the fruit that they bear are the sweetest. We have thankful clients that keep coming back to us. This is the best reward for all of our efforts.’ claims Galina Stropienė.

Recognition in an unexpected sector

Although Galina has been firstly attracted by the opportunities, offered by the marine sector, the company is more than that. Marino Projects has tested its abilities in the constructions field. Galina says that namely that sector has shown a rapid growth in the recent year.

‘Many found this period very difficult with the pandemic, the quarantine and the economic crisis… Meanwhile, our team took it as a time for new challenges and opportunities. We’ve tested ourselves in constructions – something that is new for us. And today, harvesting our fruit, we can say that it all has worked out. Currently the construction sector can offer even more projects than shipbuilding and its geography is very wide. I won’t be mistaken to say that our company is working nearly all over the world.’ she talked, sharing about the company’s impressive achievements.

A number of ambitious projects

Throughout its entire span, Marino Projects has implemented a number of praiseworthy projects. ‘Our hard-working colleagues have contributed to the completion of a number of cruise ships and enormous yachts… There’s also a large number of hotels and even a subway! We can’t sit still and currently we’re working on several new, very interesting and ambitious projects. I won’t say much now to keep you intrigued…’ modestly said Galina Stropienė.

Asked to share the secret of Marino Projects international success, Galina says that the formula is very simple. ‘I think that our success depends on two factors – a talented leadership, which includes clear goals, strategy and future planning, and teamwork. Each of our team members is a goal-oriented expert of their field. I believe that these values pave the straightest road to success.’