#1 “Marino and I”: Conversation with Silvija, an employee of the human resources department

“Marino and I” is not only a name, but also stories about successful collaborations and challenges faced by Marino’s employees. In this interview, we met with Silvija, who is a long-term personnel manager at “Marino projects” – in the field of recruiting specialists and sending them to work abroad.

1 “Marino and I”: Conversation with Silvija, an employee of the human resources department

Silvia and her Hobbies
Silvija shares that she likes to spend time in nature by the sea, regardless of the season. Her life in Klaipėda gives her the opportunity to take advantage of the beauty of the environment, and it is the sea coast and the diversity of nature that become her oasis of relaxation. Regardless of whether the sun is shining or the meadow is revived by autumn, Silvia enjoys the purity of nature, and the wave of the sea soothes and gives inner peace. Her free time is spent walking along the coast, watching the sea waves dance, or just sitting and listening to the sound of the sea. Spending time like this gives her energy and helps her relax from work.
Recruitment of employees
Working with specialist recruitment, Silvija faces challenges related to specialists’ last-minute decisions to leave. In such situations, it is urgent to find alternative solutions to ensure the smoothness of work processes. Unpredictable changes in decisions due to departure can cause various problems, but Silvija and her team know how to flexibly adapt to the situation and find effective solutions that meet the needs and goals of the company.
Communication and Cooperation
Silvija appreciates open and honest communication with professionals who are sincere and ready to admit their weaknesses. Cooperation with other departments and companies is limited because the company is in a competitive market. However, Silvija and her colleagues try to work as a team, communicating and finding solutions together. Teamwork allows you to solve problems faster and more efficiently and achieve common goals, which helps to promote cooperation and improve work results.